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Everything starts in Brazil. That was a place of my first extreme lonely travel through the continent and than few years later destination of my kitesurfing ocean tour.

Brazil is amazing place for all water addicts.

You always have wind between November and January and its perfect for windsurfing and kitesurfing, as can be seen by the many of the worlds talented riders, who regularly come here for competitions and training. Plus the weather, culture of the people and atmosphere of this amazing country is second to none.

Brazil trip 3.jpeg

The coast line in Brazil is legendary. It is the only place in the world, where You can do sail downwind for 1000 km starting from Fortaleza right the way to Atins.

I had the possibility to take part in local challenge called “Iron Macho”, where in 4 days we kitesurfed 340 km from Jericoacoara to Atins.

The experience I’d recommend to anyone, who loves the thrill of adventure.

Its amazing traveling the coast line of exotic, historic and humble country. Crossing rivers, bridges, rocky reefs and stopping overnight in the most of remote fishing villages.

Brazil trip 2.jpeg
Brazil Trip 5.JPG

The sea is ever changing. You can be sailing on a where flat water one moment, than chop and within a short space of time you find yourself battling 3 meter high waves, which flows so elegantly for kilometers at the time. Your are so pumped with excitement that you often forget to eat. Your adrenaline and love for your sport is simply carrying you through the day.


My trip to Brazil was so inspiring. I took inspiration from the people, their kindness, humility, the kite and windsurfing community and most of all the sea. The sea it made me feel free. And I couldn’t stop chasing this freedom. When you, your kite and board step into the water and you feel the wind smoothly caressing your skin. As it flows all over your body making you feel so relaxed yet so focused at the same time. Your mind and soul is flying high, touched by spiritual powers of freedom. This is the true feeling of passion.

And this passion was the inspiration to our 2018 Stay Wild collection.

Brazil Trip 4.JPG

I was just amazed by Brazilian surf girls, who showed their sexy shapes and female beauty wearing colorful bikinis, smoothly covering their booties and breast. I believe that active woman is such an amazing creature that instead of covering their body, should showcase their femininity.

Colors, juicy fruits, music and atmosphere inspired me to design this collection for you and your sunny days out in the water. The elegant lycra crafted in a feminine, wild print mix with a pro-approved fit is my answer for life full of passion and energy.

Brazil is a wonderland, where beach life and surf style is not only a fashion, but also a way of life. Chasing FREEDOM is what it's all about.

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