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Nevrboard is about Love to the ocean, waves, water and amazing experiences.

Our surfsuits are designed for female water sport addicts. Windsurfers, kitesurfers, surfers, we’ve got something very special for you all.

When the ocean is calling there is nothing better then cover your sensitive, female skin with slim-fitting lycra, which protect you from UPV and at the same time gives comfort, when you play on the waves, ride strapless or freestyle.

Nevrboard Story 2.jpeg

Water is my element! Wind is my soul! Beach is my home! 

Nevrboard Story 4_edited.jpg
Nevrboard story .jpeg

Nevrboard’s collection of surf suits elegantly accentuate your curves, sexiness and beauty.

Our clothes are precisely crafted and made from the highest quality materials. They are unique and elegantly cut to accentuate your beauty. Feel sexy with slimming-fitting design around your waist and the sophisticatedly designed zip area that emphasizes your bust.

Be confident / Be sexy / Be wild

BE NEVRBOARD – the beautiful combination of FEMALE and OCEAN.

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