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More water is around us than more life is within us. Neverboard story will be nothing without different experiences and amazing destinations. One of these amazing destinations is a not so well-known island in the Philippines called Siargao.

Siargao is shaped like a tear drop and its coastline is marked by a succession of reefs, small points and white sandy beaches.

The island is very sparse with no cash machines and no luxury accommodation. But it does have is one of the worlds most amazing surf spots.

Siargao 2.jpeg
Siargao 5.jpeg

My adventure to Siargao was to surf and kitesurf and the sea that surrounds the island didn’t disappoint. On the less windy days, any place around the island the surf is amazing. From easy going spots to huge strong waves, it’s all there for you.

Access to the best surf spots are mostly by boat, which makes it even better as the local fishermen know all the best places and also you don’t run the risk of finishing your ride on the coastal reef. When the wind picks up you can have the best kite session ever – no crowds, and a choice of super flat long lagoons or nice waves breaking on the reef.

There is no other place on the world like it. You can surf or kitesurf all year around, but the best time is between November and February (just don’t tell everyone ☺).

Siargao 1.jpeg

The Philippines and especially Siargao is a dream place for water addicts. Just picture the scene…

…everyone riding along the coastal roads on their motorbikes with their surf board connected to their side.

That’s surfing life. / That’s Siargao life.

And that’s where the local girls are extremely fit and graceful as they ride the waves with a certain softness and femininity that only a woman has.

They inspire me and they capture the essence of Nevrboard which is about the love of extreme water sports fused with the femininity and sexiness of all ladies from around the world.

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