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TOP 5 reasons to choose a Lycra (rashguard) –  The perfect outfit for swimming, surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, SUP, wakeboarding.

A Lycra rashguard is an indispensable personal item of your water sport equipment and should not be missing. It protects you when it fits perfectly to your body. Indeed it is the most popular outfit used by surfers around the world during summer seasons and in warm countries like Egypt, Greece, Brazil. Lycra material is perfect in protecting your skin against UV radiation, skin abrasions and preventing hyperthermia (heat exhaustion). Monokinis made from Lycra are often confused with neoprene suits. Neoprene has a completely different function. More on this topic here

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I hope these TOP 5 reasons above will help you to understand the importance of a Lycra/ rashguard and, above all, to choose the right one for you.

UV protection - UPF 50+ filter

The most important function of Lycra is protection against UV radiation. Due to its material structure with very tightly woven polyester threads Lycra creates a UV protective shield (UPF 50+ filter). During all sport activities on the water we are particularly exposed to direct sunlight as the rays reflecting from the water surface. Therefore, a UPF 50 + filter are a must and should be the basic criterion for choosing Lycra. Here I recommend long sleeves rashguards. Additionally, people with a very delicate complexion should swim in Lycra leggings to protect themselves. If you are looking for a suitable women's or children's outfit for water, please visit my online shop. We provide surfwear, which combine style, functionality and comfort. Check it out :)


Quality always matters

Lycra material should contain not only polyester but also elastane. Outfit used while swimming is usually designed to ride close to the skin, and elastane enables these types of clothes to be tight-fitting without causing discomfort. So just remember: The higher the percentage of elastane, the more pleasant the clothing feels on your body and gives the best ease. On average, high-quality Lycra consists of 18-22% elastane. So make sure you choose a premium one. From my own experience, I can tell you a secret :): The more elastane your Lycra contains, the smaller the absorption of salt particles will be in the clothing (salt particles can significantly irritate the skin while moving in waters). More to this check TOP Reason #3


Processing of the fabric

A little bit of background knowledge about the proper fabric and its careful processing can help to assess the functionality of your Lycra swimwear. Let´s go quickly into details:

  • The trimming lines ensure that your Lycra sticks more firmly to your body and does not shift with every movement or new trick you do on the water. Nobody wants the bikini bottom stucked in the butt after a cool trick ????. Simply explained: Trimming lines are a kind of additional rubber, like an excellent finish, to keep your clothes stay in place (like the areas around arm joints, neck and butt)

  • A zipper placed on the front side allows a quick and easy dressing. As my experience shows, a long front zip up to the naval helps all women of every chest size to slide in without difficulty. Check it out

  • Elastic threads are difficult to check beforehand. Unfortunately you only will find out about good processing of the seams during wearing. Cheap threads break easy and cause fraying of the seams compared to elastic ones. Elastic threads are extremely flexible. Therefore, as a manufacturer myself I highly recommend to always check a careful processing of the seams with the seller before buying. I would be happy to advise you more on this topic. Contact me


Style and colour

Style matters. So does the colour, especially for us ladies. As a designer, I think that the personal clothing style defines us and our sense of aesthetics in a special way. As an instructor, I recommend colourful, bright eye-catching surfsuits. They make us stand out on the beach and also visible at the moment of danger. Surfsuits, despite various preferences, should fit on your body like a second skin giving you the best nothing stands in your way during your trick performance on the water :)


Invest well. Live globally and support locally

In terms of the price/performance ratio pay attention to where you spend your money. Handmade quality products have its price. Always check the country of origin. Poland is at the forefront of producing the best quality materials. By spending money in my store, you support a business based on passion for water sports and loving care for women´s comfort and their satisfaction. All these women draw their energy from active leisure – like me ????

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